We Offer a variety of Services for your Convenience

We Offer a variety of Services for your Convenience

Being based in the heart of the communities we serve, we provide vital services to all our customers in need of medication and advice.

Services available at our Pharmacies:

A Dispensing Service:  For all your medication, prescription medication, as well as, over the counter medications.

A Delivery Service, Free of Charge:  Your prescription drugs, and other health products, delivered to your address.

Flu Vaccination:  Vaccination reminders will be sent to the elderly, that are more vulnerable to fell ill, and customers that receive vaccinations yearly.

Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol Tests and Treatment:  Customers that suffers from these ailments can be tested regularly to keep a close eye on their readings and also receive treatment and advice when needed.

Diabetes Care and Treatment:  Giving advice on how to live with diabetes.  The supplying of food products that is safe for use by diabetics, and also through helping with treatments, for instance, the administration of insulin.

Assessment of your Lifestyle:  Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle; we will assess where you can make changes in your daily life and then give advice on where you can make changes towards a better, healthy Lifestyle.

Stop Smoking Assistance:  We run a stop smoking Clinic where you can find help to quit smoking.  We offer advice, support, and replacement of nicotine therapy.

New Medication checks:  When you are prescribed new medicines, we will review your medicine use.  We will give advice on the probable influence that the new medications might have on you, and any adverse reaction it can cause when taken together with your other regular medication.

Competitive Prices:  You will find our prices compares well against other health delivery services.  We also offer regular special price reductions on our products.

Our friendly, highly trained, personnel will always be happy to help you and provide a professional service to all our customers.