Entry Requirements when you apply for a study course in Pharmacy; and Careers in the field of Pharmacy

Entry Requirements when you apply for a study course in Pharmacy; and Careers in the field of Pharmacy

Studying towards achieving a degree in Chemistry, will be a perfect course for those interested in chemistry and the workings of medicines to assists in curing illness.  This study area is ideal for students with an interest in diseases, health, and science.

Entry requirements for studies in Pharmacy:

This may vary, depending on the career you want to follow.  The basic qualifications would be required in English, chemistry, and maths.  Entry requirements can vary from university to university.  You will also need:

  1. A Typical International Baccalaureate requirement of 34 points.
  2. A Typical A-level requirement of AAB
  3. A Typical IELTS requirement from 6.5 for the overall point, and no lower than 6.0 in any or all of the components.

Generally, Pharmacy courses take four years to finish.  Modules during the course will include; biology, pharmacology, chemistry, physiology pharmaceutics, ethics, and economics.  Students will benefit from placements within their field of study, to get practical work experience.  These placements will also provide professional experience and valuable insights to working in this field.

Careers you can choose from when you finished your Degree in Pharmacy:

Pharmacy graduates can choose out of three main career fields;

  1. Pharmacist; mostly work in community pharmacies and complex pharmacies inside hospitals. They ensure that over the counter medication is correctly prescribed and that patients are given the correct medicines.  They give advice on treatments and how to manage the dosage of medications prescribed.  Pharmacists work closely with healthcare professionals, nurses, and doctors.
  2. Pharmacy Technician; can work in more than one area, community pharmacies, as well as, hospitals. They ensure that medicine is correctly supplied and delivered to patients.  They also make sure that the dosage indicated is correct.  Pharmacy Technicians can specialize in various fields, for example, clinical trials, quality control and also manufacture.
  3. Pharmacy Assistant; working alongside technicians they can perform various tasks. This can include the taking in of prescriptions and the handing out of prescriptions.  They also answer queries, give advice to customers when needed, and keep track of stock orders to ensure that the demand of all departments are met

Achieving your degree in Pharmacy and starting a career in the provision of medicine and basic healthcare, can prove to be very rewarding.

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