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Month: October 2017

Health News making Headlines, Worldwide; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Health News making Headlines, Worldwide; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Health and Medicine make news headlines daily.  Technology changes the ways that the world deals with health and sickness.  Research finds new bacteria causing new types of illnesses.  Research also finds new ways of treating old and new infections, with new technologies.

Health News Makers:

  1. Chinese Researchers has performed “chemical surgery” on embryos, human embryos, in order to remove disease. The surgery is a world first and must be done very precisely.  This new technique is called base editing and is used to correct an error in the human genetic code.  Altering the fundamental DNA building blocks with base editing can prove to be a welcome discovery.  The research team says this new approach can one day be used to treat a wide range of diseases that can be inherited.
  2. Rapid Diagnosis through a blood test can rule out the possibility of a heart attack, or confirm that a patient did suffer a heart attack. Unlike the blood tests that are currently done, and that need a repeat test three hours later; it seems that this test will only need a single test to be able to confidently make a decision whether the patient suffered a heart attack or not.  This instant blood test can also better discriminate between chest pains caused by symptoms of other illnesses.
  3. Researchers found an immune response pathway in mosquito species that is capable of stopping the parasite, which is the cause of Malaria in humans, from developing. The research found that silencing a specific gene, in mosquitoes, the development of malaria-causing parasites was efficiently blocked.  A lot of research goes into mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite.  The ultimate is to create malaria-proof mosquitoes through genetic manipulation.

All over the world researchers continuously develop new cures to illnesses suffered by humans.  Some results will make the headlines and others will silently better the world towards health and wellness.

An Online Pharmacy versus a Traditional Pharmacy; Pros and Cons of Online Pharmacies

An Online Pharmacy versus a Traditional Pharmacy; Pros and Cons of Online Pharmacies

An Online pharmacy operates through the Internet.  Customers place their orders via the online pharmacy’s website and receive their orders through the mail or other types of shipping companies. You should always make sure the company you order from is a legitimate online pharmacy, either working in the same place you reside or it may be situated in a different country.

You will also find the unethical, illegal internet pharmacies.  These websites might contain lies about where it resides, what their procedures include and the certificates they may have.  They may send you outdated medications, past their expiry date, or even counterfeit medications.  They do not follow the procedures and safeguards that all pharmacies must operate under.

Concerns and Risks of ordering medications from an Online Pharmacy:

Information, for example, the origin, address, of the company is wrong; because it might not follow rules and regulations of the country it resides in.  Also, the origin of medications may be wrongly stated because it is bogus medications, produced illegally.

Children or Minors can order without the supervision of an adult; controlled substances, that won’t be easy to come by in legal pharmacies, can be easily ordered, by almost anyone that has access to, and can work the Internet.

Illegal pharmacies can send counterfeit medications; because unethical pharmacies work outside of rules and regulations, they can actually send you anything as if it is the original, without you knowing the difference.  Outdated or substituted medications can cause great harm and even death.

Other Issues and Concerns; may include the potential lack in confidentiality, packaged improperly, as well as the lack of checking for drug interactions.

When issued your medications at a Traditional Pharmacy you know that all regulations and stipulations and rules were followed to ensure your safety and the proper legal workings of said pharmacy.

However, when ordering online, there is little or none protection for the consumer.  Because of this lack of regulation and sometimes also lack of legality; the Internet made it very easy for drug dealers to visit you in your own living room.  This also causes substance and drug abuse, even death because of drug or medication interactions, incorrect administration and dosage, and also the use of drugs with impure ingredients.

While ordering online can be beneficial for persons that are housebound or bedridden; it also made ordering online easy for children and persons incapable of being responsible around drugs.